Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cheap and Cheerful?

So... i love to try anything once and seen as the price of these products were so reasonable (2 packs of cotton pads £1, 2 packets of wipes £1) why not invest ! 

The Facial Cleansing Wipes = I won't be re-purchasing these as they weren't gentle to my face, and actually stung, particularly around the eye area, despite the fact i don't really have sensitive skin. They did remove the majority of my makeup, however when i cleansed afterwards there was a bit more 'grime' than usual ! Having said alllllll that, i don't feel disappointed as they were so purse friendly, and i still managed to use up both packets ! (Please note there are other face wipes from this range that claim to do different things, but as i picked them up whilst at the till i felt pressured and picked the first ones i saw - silly i know!)

The Cotton Pads = yeyyyyyy i WILL be re-purchasing these (and have done since) as they did not disappoint. The texture slightly varies to other cotton pads I've used, as they have tiny lines indented, which almost made them feel more exfoliating which i liked! The only downside is that these cotton pads come apart quite easy, leaving a small amount excess fluff, however due to their price i honestly don't care! 


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